Top Lot

To strengthen and support the purchase of top lots at Kopenhagen Fur, the mink top lot will include the following marketing package.

Besides a certificate and posters, the buyer of the top lot will be given the opportunity to:

* Be interviewed for announcements in the English and the Chinese Kopenhagen Fur News magazines

* Get press coverage on

* Be promoted on the Top Lot buyers website at

By this initiative, the buyer will get strong press coverage and international exposure.

Top lot buyers in 2011/12



December 2011

Brown Velvet Male

White Velvet Female


February 2012

Black Velvet Male

Palomino Velvet Females


April 2012

White Velvet Female

Glow Velvet Males

Black Swakara

White Swakara


June 2012

Stardust Females

Palomino Velvet Males


September 2012

Black Velvet Females 

Silverblue Cross Males

Swakara Black

Swakara White