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Private Treaty

Unsold lots from the ongoing auction are offered for sale by private treaty during and after an auction.

Should you be interested in buying skins by private treaty, please contact Per Knudsen (, Paul Pedersen (, Kasper Reinbacher ( and Stig Reinhold (

Please note, when preparing the next catalogue no lots are for sale. 

Brown M1203974731XDarkQual. A2/1    Chip     
Pastel Velvet M12514614850/60MediumBurgundy2/1 Short nap 1        
Brown Velvet M13271712930XDarkA- Short nap 2  Breeders 1 Chip   
Brown Velvet M13271812030XDarkA- Short nap 2  Breeders 1 Chip   
Brown F1400291540/2DarkQual. A/I-    Narrow     
Pastel F1450028300/30Dark/MedBurgundy/Platinum-          
Pastel F145014590MediumBurgundy/Platinum-          
Pastel F145031990Dark/MedQual. A/I-    Chip     
Pastel F145032860MediumQual. A/I-    Chip     
Sapphire Velvet M16030612350/60PaleBurgundy2 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M1603206050/60PaleQual. A3 Short nap 1  Chip     
Sapphire Velvet M1603246450/60XDarkPlatinum/Burgundy2/1 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M1603449140XDarkBurgundy2/1 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M1603456240XDarkBurgundy3 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M16034829740DarkBurgundy2 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M1603546440PaleBurgundy1 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M1603579640XPaleBurgundy2/1 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M16038014740XDarkPlatinum- Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M16039621040PalePlatinum3 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M1604017640DarkPurple1 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet M1605189130/00Pale/DarkBurgundy/Ivory- Short nap 3        
Sapphire Velvet F16128111200/30DarkBurgundy2/1 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet F16128321000/30MediumBurgundy2/1 Short nap 1        
Sapphire Velvet F1612889100/30XDarkQual. A2/1 Short nap 1  Chip     
Sapphire Velvet F16128927000/30DarkQual. A2/1 Short nap 1  Chip     
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