Kopenhagen Fur announces April offering

21 February 2017Auction

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The offering on the April auction 2017 will comprise approx. 6.5 million mink skins. A similar amount of skins, 6.4 million, are offered at Kopenhagen Fur’s February auction with sales beginning February 22.

Offering 2011/2012

19 April 2012Auction


Please note that the total Kopenhagen Fur mink offering for the season will be around 19.9 million mink skins.

Expected offering at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions in 2011

30 March 2011Auction


Kopenhagen Fur will offer 5 million mink skins at the April auction. The total offering at the June and September auctions will be approximately 9 million mink skins. Preliminary sales programmes will be published before the relevant auction as usual.

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