Summer 2016: Reception and Customer Department

18 July 2016


Summer 2016: Reception and Customer DepartmentIf you need to contact the Customer Department or the Reception please note the following.

3 months' free storage in Hong Kong / China

29 June 2016


3 months' free storage in Hong Kong / China 	Kopenhagen Fur offers you 3 months' free storage on condition that the goods are moved from Kopenhagen Fur, Glostrup, to one of our bonded warehouses in China/Hong Kong.

Kopenhagen Fur's September auction 2016

28 June 2016Auction

TagsSeptember auction

Kopenhagen Fur's September auction 2016Kopenhagen Fur's September auction will take place from 9 to 15 September, inspection from 30 August.

Mutations chinchilla at the September auction

27 June 2016Auction

TagsSeptember auctionChinchilla

Please note that we will again offer a collection of Chinchilla skins at the September auction. Part of this collection consists of Mutations...

Mr Wang won the day

23 June 2016Auction

TagsTop lot

Mr Wang won the dayThe Palomino Cross Males Top Lot was purchased by Mr Li Qun Wang from the fashion brand BeFurs. He intends to use the Top Lot for haute Cauture fashion and charity.

The second Top Lot of the June auction sold for 398 USD

23 June 2016Auction

TagsTop lot

The second mink Top Lot was sold for a price of 398 USD. To buyers were more than interested in the skins and went for an open bidding war for the...

Chinchilla Top Lot headed for the City of Lights

22 June 2016Auction

TagsTop lotChinchilla

Lee Wheeler, a long-time buyer at Kopenhagen Fur, purchased the Chinchilla Top Lot on the first day of sale at the June Auction.

600 USD per skin for the Top Lot – worth the price for quality

22 June 2016Auction

TagsTop lot

600 USD per skin for the Top Lot – worth the price for qualitySomething unusual happened in Kopenhagen Fur's auction yesterday. MrPan Zhi Jun from Go Lady Fur purchased the Sapphire Velvet Female...

First auction day with mink sale is successfully completed

22 June 2016Auction

TagsJune auction

The auction at Kopenhagen Fur is well under way. The sale of mink began Tuesday and has until now obtained a sales percentages of 100. Approx. 600 customers, with 375 from China / Hong Kong...

Tuesday's Top Lot sold for 600 USD

22 June 2016Auction

TagsTop lotJune auction

The Top Lot in Sapphire Velvet Females were offered during the auction's first day with mink sale. The Top Lot was sold for 600 USD per skin.

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