Swakara white label now available

8 April 2011Markets


Swakara white label now availableAs a new initiative, swakara and Kopenhagen Fur are now offering a special label only adhering to the white swakara. When purchasing white swakara skins you are in other words entitled to get this new label, no matter what quality you have purchased. The swakara white label is an addition to the existing labelling system, so customers can also get the regular quality labels.

Positive start for new fur fair in Athens

31 March 2011Markets

TagsFur fairAthens

Positive start for new fur fair in AthensFor more than thirty years, Greece’s only major fur fair has been in Kastoria; but last weekend a new fair was held in Athens. The goal is to attract more international fur buyers to Greece.

FUR-TV: Vacuum packed skins are a reality

17 March 2011Markets


At Kopenhagen Fur in Glostrup, the first vacuum packed skins have just been sent to a customer in China. The new technique will save money, space and energy in the future. See what the product developer and the sale director says about the new invention.

Quality message in focus at Beijing Fur Fair

10 January 2011Markets


Kopenhagen Fur enters the 37th China Leather & Fur Products Fair with a wide range of activities. The aim is to show Kopenhagen Fur’s focus on fur quality all the way from auction to consumer. An exclusive fashion show on January 12 will be the highlight of the activities.

Kopenhagen Fur and Damco forms partnership

16 November 2010Markets

TagsHong KongMaerskStorageKopenhagen Fur

Kopenhagen Fur and Damco forms partnership

Torben Nielsen and Danish foreign minister visits China

5 November 2010Markets

TagsTorben NielsenLene EspersenChina

Managing Director of Kopenhagen Fur, Torben Nielsen, and Danish Foreign Minister, Ms Lene Espersen, visited China last weekend. Lene Espersen praised Kopenhagen Fur's initiatives in China.

Opening of giant fur centres in China

27 October 2010Markets


As demonstrated by the grand opening of two gigantic centres on the same day in October, the expectations from the Chinese fur market are nothing less than great. And again, in accordance with Kopenhagen Fur's ambition, "growing with the customers", Kopenhagen Fur was very visible at the events.

World's first fur executive programme inaugurated

26 October 2010Markets

TagsTsinghua UniversityChinaTorben Nielsen

After months of endeavors, the world's first ever executive education programme tailor-made for the fur industry welcomed its first class on 23 October. Tsinghua University-Kopenhagen Fur Studio became the venue for the opening ceremony and 3-day lectures.

Retail campaign started in Shenyang

25 October 2010Markets

TagsChinaHualian FurFurFashion

In the middle of October, the temperature in Shenyang was already minus three degrees centigrade as the first cold weather front hit northern China. The city was freezing and Kopenhagen Fur promptly rolled out its retail campaign with Shenyang Hualian Fur.

Kopenhagen Fur Academy opens retail season in China

12 September 2010Markets

TagsRetail eventChina

Last season was a fantastic fur season in China. With professional training from Kopenhagen Fur Academy and joint-promotion from Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutique Program, Kopenhagen Fur retail partners are ready for another grand opening of the new season.

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