Black Swakara Top Lot is headed for Russia

10 September 2016Auction

Emneord Top lotSwakara

black swakara

Swakara is not often seen in Russian designs but that did not stop the haute couture designer, Katharina Hasse, from bringing Black Swakara Top Lot home to use for her future collection.

In markets such as Russia and China, Swakara is still not as widespread as it has potential to be. Therefore, it was a large success that Saturday's Black Swakara Top Lot was sold to a Russian customer. Katharina Hasse from the Russian company Xassa won the last bid securing the lot for herself for 820 DKK, and commissioner Susanna Ribak made the bid on her behalf.

- I bought the top lot because Swakara is my favorite fur, she said.

Katharina Hasse creates haute couture in fur for the customers of Xassa and she has something special in mind for her newly bought Top Lot. Although she cannot reveal exactly what she has in mind for the lot, she did say that it is going to be a part of her next collection.