Favourable terms at Kopenhagen Fur's June auction

31 May 2016Auction

Emneord June auction

Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to offer the following favourable terms at the June auction 2016.

With 35% deposit paid by prompt day, i.e. 20 July, the goods are free of interest and storage charge until 20 August 2016. After 20 August 2016, the interest rate amounts to 8.5% p.a. and storage charge amounts to 0.05 DKK per day per skin.

With less deposit paid, interest will be charged according to our current interest-rates, at present
8.5% p.a. and storage charge amounts to 0.05 DKK per day per skin.

Purchase of skins intended for deep-freeze
We are interested in making more storage capacity available in our warehouse.
Therefore, under the condition that minimum 35% deposit is paid and the skins are transferred to
our deep-freeze storage we offer you an interest-free period until 20 October 2016. After the
interest-free period, the interest-rate is 3.5%. We reserve the right to change this interest-rate in
accordance with the fluctuations in the market.

When you take delivery of these skins you will be charged with 10.00 DKK per skin

If you offer the skins for resale, no resale fee will be charged for skins sold. If unsold, a resale fee
of 3.50 DKK per skin will be charged.

Please also find condition of the deep-freeze storage here.

Please contact the Customer Department for further details.

We hope that you will welcome our initiatives and look forward to seeing you at our June auction.