Auction App optimizes Kopenhagen Fur's information service

15 June 2016Auction

Emneord App


Kopenhagen Fur's Auction App is a great improvement on the information service provided by the auction house, which is why the text service will be phased out.


Since April 2015, customers have been able to follow auction prices via Kopenhagen Fur's Auction App, which is an optimized alternative to Kopenhagen Fur's text service.

There are many benefits of receiving notifications about auction prices via the App instead of texts.

Via the Auction App the customers can also receive notifications about prices of several types of skins,
Users may select from three languages, Chinese, English and Danish, and read the prices in four currencies, CNY, USD, EUR and DKK.

As something new, price deviations will be calculated based on the selected currency and not only in DKK.

In addition to this, Auction App users will receive notifications about prices faster compared to the old text service.

The current list of text recipients was reset before the June auction. If you still wish to receive price information via text, you are welcome to sign up again, but please be aware that the text service will be phased out in the coming future.


You may find the Auction App to your specific platform via these links:



Windows Phone

iPhone and iPad