White Velvet Males Top Lot will become showcase

11 January 2016Auction

Emneord Top lot

White Velvet Males Top Lot

Mr Liu who is representing Baìan Mìlan Fur Center of China bought the White Velvet Males Top Lot for 940 DKK per skin. Having been in the fur trade for approximately 15 years, Mr Liu quickly recognised the remarkable quality of the White Velvet Males, which became the deciding factor. The Top Lot from the January auction will not result in fur garments made for retail purposes. Planning to display the skins as showcases a group of top designers will be invited to create something spectacular and beautiful; a display of fur garments made from the best quality skins to illustrate to the customers that quality is of paramount importance, when producing garments. 

- We studied the different Top Lots and quickly found that the White Velvet Males were the most desirable of outstanding quality. And quality is everything for us. We want to show our customers that we only deal in quality fur and that is why we decided to purchase the Top Lot. We are all very excited to see the beautiful garments made by the designers; we will invite designers to work with the Top Lot, says Mr Liu.

Once the fur garments have been created, they will be displayed in the store windows for everyone to see. By purchasing the Top Lot at the January auction Mr Liu has taken another step closer to his ambition.

- Regarding future auctions, I would like to buy more Top Lots in different colours. The fur garments produced from these will also be put on display in my store window. It is important to me that my customers know about the good quality of my garments, says Mr Liu.