Mink top lot candidates & chinchilla and swakara top lots

7 April 2016

Emneord Top lotTop lot candidates

Lot no.                       Top Lot Candidates - Mink                                  

133295                              Glow Velvet Males                                         Short nap 2            

175553                              Palomino Velvet Females                               Short nap 1            

180414                              Silverblue Cross Males                                                                   

182567                              Sapphire Cross Females                                                                 


Lot no.                         Top Lot - Chinchilla

197114                               Chinchilla


Lot no.                         Top Lot - Swakara                         

239103                              Swakara Black                                                 

239308                              Swakara White                                              


The skins are placed on the Top Lot Candidates trolley in the inspection area.