Tuesday's last Top Lot was the beautiful Chinchilla

11 September 2014Auction

Emneord Chinchilla


Ahmet Demir has been a regular customer at Kopenhagen Fur auctions for more than twenty years now and is in experienced Top Lot buyer.


Tuesday's auction lacked to the end, but in the auction room Ahmet Demir was waiting patiently for the Chinchilla Top Lot sale. Ahmet Demir is the owner of Punto, a Turkish Company. The company sells styles made of Top Lots to be sold in some of the big Italian stores, which only want the best quality. Italy is known as a country that manufactures quality leather, so the fur skins have to live up to the same standard.

Therefore, Ahmet Demir bought the Chinchilla Top Lot. The chinchilla skins are sold in Denmark and Finland only, so Ahmed Demir has been in Denmark for the last week to find the perfect skins for his collections. The chinchilla skins that are sold in Denmark are of good quality and Ahmed Demir was very pleased to be able to buy the Top Lot for 990 DKK. 

The Turkish fur market is growing, which means that the auction room has more Turkish customers than usually. However, Ahmet Demir is not a new customer; he has attended the auctions for the last 28 years. He has always had a keen eye for the good quality wanting to give the customers the best products.

- I bought the lot because the customers want to have something that is 'top' and I aim to please my customers, says Ahmet Demir.

Punto makes all kinds of garments and is planning a new fur collection. For the collection, Ahmet Demir will not only use Chinchilla, but mix the different fur types.