Getting off to a head start buying the Swakara Black Top Lot

9 September 2014Auction

Emneord Top lot


The Swakara Black Top Lot is going to be the beginning of a new chapter for the company 'Elena Furs'.

Mr Artem Stepanyan, second generation in the company, is an experienced buyer at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions. The company is a regular customer having bought skins for years through their broker Morisco Denmark A/S.

'Elena Furs' that has existed for 20 years has several stores and offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. During the last five years the company has experienced speedy developments that changed their business strategy. 

Normally, the company buys many mink skins and wild furs at the auctions. However, this time it was a bit different. 'Elena Furs' is designing a new collection using Swakara and for that purpose they bought the Black Swakara Top Lot at the September auction at the price of 1,560 DKK per skin. Buying the Swakara Top Lot is a symbol of a new beginning for 'Elena Furs'..

- Our company is very popular on the Russian market, which means that we are developing very fast. We hope that this will be the great new beginning, says Artem Stepanyan, Elena Furs.

The Russian market loves Swakara.  'Elena Furs' is selling the different designs directly to the customers from their stores. Now, wanting to try something new in the fur business they are planning to buy even more Swakara skins in the future.