Yves Salomon: Only the best for my customers

23 June 2014


Top Lot Chinchilla

L.W. Commissions Ltd. bought the Chinchilla Top Lot for Yves Salomon, France.

Mr Lee Wheeler from L.W. Commissions Ltd., London, has attended the fur auctions since 1980:  He has only missed one auction during the last 34 years. He has repeatedly purchased Top Lots for Yves Salomon Laurent Fourrures so it is no coincidence that he was bidding to get the prestigious Chinchilla Top Lot.

- Quality is essential to Mr Yves Salomon. Throughout his career he has been known for cooperating with high-end brands who demand top qualities and therefore he wanted to buy the top lot at this year's June auction, says Lee Wheeler.

For Yves Salomon, the most important thing is the top quality, not the price of the Top Lot.

- Therefore, I did not have a limit, when we started to bid on the Chinchilla Top Lot, says broker Lee Wheeler.