A preference for quality

24 June 2014Auction

Emneord Top lot

Pearl Beige Velvet Top Lot

The Pearl Beige Velvet Female Top Lot was purchased Saturday by Polar Furs Ltd.

The representatives from the company Crystoline had no doubt in their minds. They wanted that particular Top Lot.

- We will use these skins for high quality designer garments. Purchasing a Top Lot and using it for designs gives the final product a boost in quality, says the two representatives from the company.

They also firmly believe that by purchasing this Top Lot the company's own designers will have an excellent opportunity to create not only a high quality design but also an innovative one.

The two ladies have been colleagues for 5 years working for Crysoline which is located in Xinghua, China.

The finished design is still being worked on. The garment will initially be displayed in the company's own stores and later be used for promotion in fashion shows.

The two representatives also agree that the designs with the Top Lot skins incorporated will provide great promotion of the company.