This year’s first issue of Kopenhagen Fur News is out

17 January 2014Markets

Emneord Kopenhagen Fur News

The AAA label, Fashion in Kazakhstan and sealskins. Read about this and much more in the February edition of Kopenhagen Fur News.

The February issue of Kopenhagen Fur features stories about the AAA label, the introduction of an extension to Kopenhagen Furs current range of fur types. This type will be up for sale at the forthcoming February auction.

A new market in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, a nation with an ever growing middle class, is poised to become a new fashion centre in Asia. Kopenhagen Fur was the main sponsor of the Kazakhstan Fashion Week where the creatice forces were able to display their skills and talents.

Sealskins performed well

Kopenhagen Fur and Great Greenland were able to reap the benefits of their partnership after the December auction. Sealskins were sold at a good price.