Manios Dimitrios: My customers demand the best

11 February 2014Auction



Mr Manios Dimitrios from the company Centro Bel Furs was the buyers of the prestigious Black Cross Male Top Lot at Kopenhagen Furs February auction. Mr Manios Dimitrios was assisted by his broker Michael Lehrfreund, and he purchased the Top Lot for 1080 kr.

Centro Bel Furs was created in 1979 by Manios Dimitrios, and his primary market is in Russia. His company is based in Italy close to Bologna. It not the first time he has bought a Top Lot at one of Kopenhagen Fur's auctions, and it's a clear strategy from his part to buy the best for his customers.

- My customers demand the best, and therefore I want to give them the best. Is also a way of promoting my company because the Top Lot at Kopenhagen Furs auctions is very sought after and is in very high demand by my customers, he says.

Mr. Manios Dimitrios has been a buyer at Kopenhagen Furs auctions for more than 40 times. The Top Lot is going to be a part of his collection during the coming season, and will primary be used for jackets.

Mr. Manios Dimitrios hopes that he in 2014 can cooperate with Kopenhagen Fur in order to generate publicity for his company.