Kopenhagen Fur's first AAA Top Lot goes to China

13 February 2014Auction

Emneord AAA


The short nap was essential when Kopenhagen Fur's first ever AAA Top Lot was sold at the February Auction.

The North American AAA skins were sold for 1220 DKK per skin to Huasi Agricultural Development Co Ltd., the first and only public company in China in the fur business.

- In the case of China, the public are willing to pay more for an American skin, says Mr Peter Zeitlin from P J Zeitlin & Co Ltd who bought the skins for Huasi Agricultural Development Co Ltd.

Mr Peter Zeitlin explains that Huasi Agricultural Development Co Ltd is a vertical operation doing everything from raw skins to finished garments and is the leader in China as far as fashion and design is concerned.

China's own production of minks has long naps and is considered low quality. American farmers have always bred short napped minks and a short nap is prestigious in the eyes of the public, he says.