Roman Melikhov: My customers want the top lot

9 September 2013Auction

Emneord Top lotSwakara


Skin dealer Mr. Roman Melikhov bought the Swakara White top lot at the September auction. It was sold at 1440 DKK per skin. Mr. Roman Melikhov owns the company Roma-Fur, and the costly skin was bought with specific customers in mind.


- I'm going to use the top lot that I bought today, for some customers in Russia. I have been to auctions many times. It's my first time buying Swakara top lot, but I have bought top lots five times before, Mr. Roman Melikhov says.

Mr. Roman Melikhovs lives in New York and Orlando, but he was born and raised in Russia. Therefore he has his company located in Russia.

- My company is located in Moscow, Pyatigorsk and Labinsk, and I get my skins dressed in Italy, Mr. Roman Melikhov says.