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13 November 2013Markets

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KiCK, The return of seal and sustainable fur fashion. Read the latest news in the December edition of Fur News.

The December issue of Kopenhagen Fur features stories about KiCK, Kopenhagen International Centre for Creativity, and their role in promoting, inspiring and developing fur fashion in the global market, and how their cooperation with Kopenhagen Nexus will aid them in their ambition to become the leading force within most important and most creative centre for fur and fashion.

A return to the catwalk

Seal, long time absent from the world of fur fashion, makes its return to the catwalk and the world of fashion. Greenlandic sealhunters have for a long time faced challenges. Even though Greenlandic sealhunters are  exempted and certified, and the ban is based on an erroneous perception of how seals are hunted, the EU seal product import ban has made it difficult for the Greenlanders to market their beautiful sealskins.  However a new partnership agreement between Kopenhagen Fur and Great Greenland aims to change this situation.

Nothing is wasted

Biofuel, heating, fertilizer and fur. Few people are aware of it but all of the mink is used in modern fur production. For most people, mink breeding equals fur. And of course fur is the main product but mink carcasses and mink fat are used for different energy purposes and as fertilizer securing that nothing is wasted. Read about this and much, much more this December.