A match of visions and beautiful skins

21 June 2013Auction

Emneord Top lotJune2013


The Stardust females Top Lot was bought by Ms. Fang Linping. With a dedication towards quality, she has special plans for the special skins which support an incessant ambition of luxury fur.


The Top Lot was sold at the price of 3600 DKK per skin. Ms. Fang Linping has been in the fur industry for 17 years. Together with her husband, she owns the company Beijing Ma's Wei Ye Co. Ltd. The company runs four retail shops in Beijing under the name of Parodis Fur. With locations in Beijing's luxury department stores, Parodis Fur supplies fur creations to the Chinese elite.

The Stardust females Top Lot will be on display at the Parodis Fur shops for the following year. If a very special customer shows interest and a high level of appreciation, Ms. Fang Linping will use the skins to create an haute couture style for this customer.

-I have been on the lookout for a very special selection of skins to put on display in my high-end fur retail stores in Beijing to signal the high level of quality. Several auction houses have approached me, but there was no doubt in my mind that it should be a Top Lot from Kopenhagen Fur, says Ms. Fang Linping.

Valuable MBA degree

After seeing the Stardust females Top Lot, she had her mind set on these skins. She believes that the skins have a special connection to the Parodis Fur brand.

- Stardust skins match the vision of Parodis Fur with its expression of elegance and luxury that triggers the imagination, says Ms. Fang Linping.

In addition to the Parodis Fur shops, Beijing Ma's Wei Ye Co. Ltd. also sells fur in the city of Haining in the Zhejiang province under the brand name Lady Club Fur, focusing on high-end wholesale.

As a sign of her dedication to constantly augment her qualifications, Ms. Fang Linping was a part of the first Executive MBA class in fur that graduated from Tsinghua University two years ago. She has since benefitted greatly from the education.

- I have gained a better knowledge on the fur industry which has provided further resources in the shape of ideas on how to improve business. Also, class mates and later all members of the MBA alumni club have given me a valuable network. Tsinghua University is well renowned, and it leaves an impression when you mention that you have an MBA degree from this university, says Fang Linping.