The Chinchilla Top Lot demonstrates even higher ambitions

11 February 2013Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurVolZa


For the Milan-based fur brand VolZa, the very best will be the future standard.

The chinchilla Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur's February auction was sold to the Milan-based Russians Ms Tatyana Volkova and Ms Tatyana Zaeva, who own the fur brand VolZa jointly.

The company has many years of experience in the fur business. However, the Top Lot purchase marks a new focus for the company. The ambition is to move the quality to the highest possible level.

- We aim to be among the top quality brands by using the best skins, whether it is skins from sable, Swakara, chinchilla and in the future also mink, says Ms. Tatyana Volkova.

The company has its own shops with showrooms in London, Milan and Russia.

Skins from Kopenhagen Fur, design from Italy

The aim for top quality is also the reason for the two Russian ladies to base their business in Milan's fashion environment. VolZa wishes to use renowned Italian designers because Italy is the top when it comes to design. To match the best designs in the world, the company has chosen to buy their skins at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions.

Consequently, they bought the chinchilla Top Lot for its proof of the best possible quality. They wish to make an exclusive collection for a very important customer in Russia.

- The search for luxury skins is the only reason why we attend Kopenhagen Fur' auctions. This is our first Top Lot purchase, but it will definitely not be the last, says Ms. Tatyana Zaeva.