Sapphire Cross for the wife

11 February 2013Auction

Emneord Mr. Min Jiatao

Diplom _Sapphire _Cross

The wife of Mr. Min Jiatao can expect to receive a very special present when the Chinese Top Lot buyer returns from Kopenhagen Fur's February auction.

Mr. Min Jiatao bought the Sapphire Cross Females Top Lot at a price of 1,010 DKK. The purchase had a very special purpose for the manufacturer.

- I saw these skins and found them rare, beautiful and perfect. From these skins of high quality I will make a garment for my wife, Mr. Min Jiatao says.

His manufacturing company, Huifeng Fur Fashion Co., Ltd., produces two fur brands. The brand Ouluokadi is sold in the domestic market in China, while the brand MJT is sold in Russia. He has shops in the Russian Market in Beijing, in the Chinese Hebei and Liaoning provinces as well as in Russia.

First auction

The company is situated in the city of Daying in Hebei Province. Mr. Jin Jiatao has been in the fur business for 18 years. Since 2002, his business has grown significantly just like the Chinese fur industry.

The February auction was Mr. Min Jiatao's first visit to Kopenhagen Fur's auction house. The busy businessman normally buys through a commission agent to get the best mink skins possible. However, Chinese traditions gave him the chance to attend the February auction.

- My factory was closed for the Chinese New Year, so I finally had the time and opportunity to attend an auction in person. The Top Lot purchase was bought in remembrance of the visit to the auction and as a unique present for my wife, Mr. Min Jiatao says.