A celebration of life

21 February 2013Auction

Emneord Mr. Wang Le


At Kopenhagen Fur's February auction, Mr. Wang Le bought the White Velvet Males Top Lot for his wife.

To celebrate his new-born son, Mr. Wang Le decided to buy the Top Lot to give his wife a special present. The Top Lot was knocked down at a price of 3,150 DKK per skin.

-  I will use the Top Lot to create a fur jacket as a keepsake of our son's birth, Mr. Wang Le says.

His company, Hebei Xing Ye Fur Co., Ltd., is situated in the town of Daying in the Hebei Province. The company deals with dressing, dyeing and manufacturing. Besides providing for the domestic Chinese market  the company exports to Russia and Italy.

Determined to buy

The present will not come as a surprise for Mr. Wang Le's wife. Beforehand, he sent home a picture of the Top Lot to ask if she liked the skins. When his wife confirmed, Mr. Wang Le was set to bid.

Once before, Mr. Wang Le has competed in the bidding to purchase a Top Lot but failed. As the price of 3,150 DKK indicates, Mr. Wang Le had to go through quite a bidding war to obtain the White Velvet Males.

- I liked the excitement of the competition but for me it was never a question about the price. My wife said that she wanted the Top Lot so I bought it, it is as simple as that, Mr. Wang Le says.

Mr. Wang Le shares the boardroom with his wife. The Top Lot certificate will be displayed in the office as yet another celebration of their son's birth.

Skins left from the creation of the fur jacket for Mr. Wang Le's wife will be used for a style, which will be displayed at the 2014 Beijing Fur Fair. The buyer of a Top Lot in mink is given the opportunity to present up to three styles at Kopenhagen Fur's gala show, and Mr Wang Le will take the advantage of that.