Top Lot buyer sees further gains than great skins

23 April 2013Auction

Emneord Top lotAerospace Liu Du Fur Co.


The purchase of the Palomino Velvet Males Top Lot marks Aerospace Liu Du Fur Co., Ltd. start on a journey towards a new level of exclusiveness. A journey where Kopenhagen Fur can contribute with more than the world's best mink skins.


Given the company's focus on quality and origin of products, Aerospace Liu Du Fur Co., Ltd. only buys mink skins at Kopenhagen Fur's auction. At the April auction, Deputy General Managers Mrs. Zhao Shumei and Mr. Zhao Xinji marked their first auction visit with the purchase of the male Top Lot at the price of 3000 DKK per skin.

-We are very origin-focused and to tell our customers about quality, where the goods are from and about the designers. Therefore, we will only use mink skins from Kopenhagen Fur, Mrs. Zhao Shumei says.

Cooperation with Furward

As the company name might reveal, Aerospace Liu Du Fur Co., Ltd. is a part of a conglomerate that also produces equipment for space industry. It is so far the only state-owned Chinese company dealing with fur. The company started in the fur business three years ago and sees great potential for expansion.

The exclusiveness of their brand is evident as the company's store is located at a hotel where only members are allowed.

- The member's club includes Chinese celebrities such as film and TV actors as well as Chinese athletes who have won Olympic Gold medals, Mr. Zhao Xinji says.

More stores at luxury hotels are in the making and to fill these shops with top fur garments, Aerospace Liu Du Fur Co., Ltd. wishes to cooperate with European designers. To find the right designers, Aerospace Liu Du Fur Co., Ltd. has teamed up with Furward, the consultancy subsidiary of Kopenhagen Fur.

- By using the best mink skins available and combining these with high levels of craftsmanship and quality throughout the whole design process, we can deliver the extraordinary level of exclusiveness which our customers demand, Mr. Zhao Xinji says.