Swakara Top Lots – The best of the best

29 April 2013Auction

Emneord Top lotSwakara

For the second time at the Kopenhagen Fur auctions, the Milan-based fur brand VolZa bought Top Lots. In February, it was the Chinchilla Top Lot and during the April auction, VolZa bought both the Swakara White and the Swakara Black Top Lots.


- We only sell very exclusive and unique garments. It has to be the best of the best, says one of the owners of VolZa.

According to her, the Swakara Top Lots are very exclusive and at the same time fashionable. 

- Africa is very trendy at the moment, and therefore we bought the Swakara Top Lots. We are not only the best in quality, but also the best in fashion. Only the best is good enough for our customers, she says.

VolZa buys Top Lots at auctions all over the world, and the company's customers are also worldwide. There is no doubt that VolZa's ambitions are very high, which is why the Swakara Top Lots are now going to Milan to be in the exclusive VolZa collections.

- I really liked the character of the Swakara skins. The patterns are natural but at the same time very artistic. Our unique garments actually are much like art, which goes very well with the beautiful Swakara skins, says the owner.