A Top Lot only for a connoisseur of fur

29 April 2013Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTop Lot


The chinchilla Top Lot was bought by the Turkish fur brand Punto. Here, it will only be sold to a customer who truly treasures the skin's quality.

Mr. Ahmet Demir, director of Punto Deri San Ve Ticas, bought the very best chinchilla skins at Kopenhagen Fur's April auction for 840 DKK per skin. The Turkish fur retailer has a special plan for the special skins.

- We have many customers who demand the very best. Therefore, these chinchilla skins will be to their liking, Mr. Ahmet Demir says.

However, the chinchilla Top Lot will not be available for just any customer. The skins will be kept in stock in Punto's shop in Antalya, Turkey and only be offered to customers who know fur and would appreciate to own a garment made from the Top Lot.    

- I will offer it entirely to customers with a true passion for fur. I will rather keep it in stock than sell it to anyone, but I know these chinchilla skins will be in demand, Mr. Ahmet Demir says.