Swakara White specialist bought top lot

10 September 2012Auction

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Mr. Werner Merzbacher bought the Swakara White top lot at a price of 1080DKK per skin. The top lot purchase was certainly not his only Swakara White purchase at Kopenhagen Fur's September auction.


Mr. Werner Merzbacher and the company Mayer & CIE AG have a long history with Swakara, which stretches back for at elast ten years.

- Swakara White is one of our companys' specialties. At the September auction, we bought more than 4.000 Swakara White skins, Mr. Werner Merzbacher says.

Mayer & CIE AG has offices in Franfurt, Germany and Zug, Switzerland. From there, the company supplies customers in mainly Russia and East Asia. When meeting customers in places such as the fur fair in Hong Kong, the Swakara White top lot places great emphasis on the company's strengths.

- When we can show customers that we excel at our areas of specialisation, they know we can provide the right product to them, Mr. Werner Merzbacher explains.