Historic top lot purchase at Chief Auctioneer's 60th birthday

10 September 2012Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTop lotAuction

With Chief Auctioneer Paul Pedersen controlling the bidding on the day of his 60th birthday, Sunday night at Kopenhagen Fur's September auction was subject to a bidding war, which is worth remembering both for the birthday boy, the buyer and everyone else present in the auction room.


The buyer Mr. Limin Shen, Board chairman at Zhejiang Three Stars Leather Co.,Ltd., won the tough competition with a final bid for the 50 skins of the type Black Velvet Females Short nap 2 as high as 3,600DKK (619,30USD) per skin. As soon as Mr. Paul Pedersen dropped the hammer, Mr. Limin Shen immediately got applauded by the entire auction room, where most people had gotten out of their seats to follow the ongoing show. The purchase was the highest price for any lot sold as a regular auction lot at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions within the last ten years.

300 bids

With Mr. Limin Shen as one of the combatants in the intense bidding duel and the buyer of the male top lot at the September auction as the other, Mr. Paul Pedersen got a chance to show his rapid and superior skills as an experienced auctioneer. Starting off at 600DKK, the bidding carried on with high intensity and quickly left the two very determined buyers taking turns to push the price higher and higher 10DKK at a time, giving a total of 300 bids.

Afterwards, a still excited Mr. Limin Shen revealed that this was his first appearance ever at a fur auction. For five years, he has bought mink skins at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions through business partners attending the auctions. However, the atmosphere of the auction amazed him right away and made him even more determined to carry through his plan of buying the top lot.

- I already knew beforehand that I would bid for the top lot, but the excitement of actually being in the auction room myself carried me away and made me want the top lot no matter how high the price got, Mr. Limin Shen explains.

Aiming for the top

As the company name reveals, Zheijian Three Stars Leather Co.,Ltd. also deals with leather. The company's brand, Three Stars Shining, is ranked within the top ten leather brands in China. Already one of the biggest fur manufacturers in the Chinese city of Haining, Mr. Limin Shen's ambition is to achieve the same status for the Three Stars Shining brand within fur brands. In order to succeed with this strategy, Mr. Limin Shen sees the purchase of a top lot from a Kopenhagen Fur auction as an important step.

- Danish mink skins from Kopenhagen Fur are well renowned for their high quality throughout the fur industry. And since the ambition is to show that our company always aims to find the best skins for use in our factory, the top lot purchase was the logical choice, Mr. Limin Shen states.

The skins from the top lot will be used for styles, which will be presented at exhibitions to show the high level of skills and techniques used to produce fur garments of the Three Stars Shining brand. All in all, Mr. Limin Shen is very pleased that he maintained his determination to carry out his objective.

- For me, the fact that I had to pay a high price and struggle for the top lot holds a value in itself. And I will always remember my first auction purchase as an unforgettable and good experience, Mr. Limin Shen says with a smile.