Experienced Swakara buyer got his first top lot

10 September 2012Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTop lotAuctionSwakara

Mr. Konstantinou Athanasios bought the Swakara Black top lot at Kopenhagen Fur's September auction for 1080DKK per skin. It was a purchase, which pleased Mr. Konstantinou Athanasios.


For several years and auctions, Mr. Konstantinou Athanasios has many times competed for Swakara top lots in vain. And since his company, Kon Furs, specializes in Swakara, the top lot purchase holds high value to him.

- I wish to prove that I aspire for the highest quality, so I am relieved as well as happy that I succeeded this time, Mr. Konstantinou Athanasios explains.

From Kon Furs' factory in Greece, the wholesale company supplies customers mainly in USA, Russia and Dubai. The Swakara Black top lot skins will be used to create two special garments, which will be exhibited at the fur fairs in Kastoria and Hong Kong.

- I already have some customers in mind, who will appreciate these Swakara garments of the highest quality, Mr. Konstantinou Athanasios says.

The Top Lot was actually bought by Tas Kletsidis from the american USA Raw Skin Trading Co. Mr. Konstantinou Athanasios is a customer of Tas Kletsidis.