Well known top lot buyer did it again

25 June 2012Auction

Emneord Top lotKopenhagen FurMink

As the economy in Turkey is growing, the country's fur business also sees great progress. An example of this is the fact that Mr. Coskun Köluk from Turkey, General Manager of Tasari Kürkmod, in the recent seasons has bought several top lots at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions.


At Kopenhagen Fur's June auction, Mr. Coskun Köluk bought the male top lot Palomino Velvet for 1320 DKK (223 USD) per skin.

- I simply like the excitement of bidding for the top lot, so I always try to compete for it. I regard the top lot as a very prestigious purchase, Mr. Coskun Köluk says.

The purchase of the top lot also buys Mr. Coskun Köluk the privilege to show three styles on Kopenhagen Fur's gala show at the Beijing Fur Fair in January 2013. Mr. Coskun Köluk plans to use the top lot skins to create those styles under the Tasari Kürkmod's brand Gata Fur.

- I think an initiative like letting us show 3 styles at Beijing Fur Fair strengthens both Tasari Kürkmod and Kopenhagen Fur. For my company, I definitely see the benefit of getting the exposure outside Turkey, especially in China, Coskun Köluk says.

The auction's other mink top lot, Stardust females, was bought by China Fur Commodities Co. Ltd for their customer Beijing Weiernuo Fashion Co., Ltd., who owns the brand VLLRNO. The sales prize was 700 DKK (118 USD).