Chinchilla specialist buys top lot

25 June 2012Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTop lotAuctionChinchilla

The June auction's chinchilla-top lot was bought by Mr. Iordanis Michailidis, who owns IMPEL Luxury Furs, for 700 DKK (118 USD).

Mr. Iordanis Michailidis is a veteran in the chinchilla business with nearly two decades specializing in chinchilla dealing and manufacturing, but he did not buy the top lot for himself.

- I bought it for a customer who ordered a special jacket and only wants the best quality. That is why I bought the chinchilla top lot here at Kopenhagen Fur. Because they offer the best, Mr. Iordanis Michailidis says.

Mr. Iordanis Michailidis owns a range of high-end boutiques around the world, where he sells his own chinchilla products.

On the photo is Michael Tager & Frank Sun who bought the top lot for Iordanis Michailidis.