Chinchilla for China

10 February 2012Auction

Emneord Top lotAuctionToplotChinchillaKam Lam

- We will try to promote the chinchilla fur back in China, where it is not that common - yet.


Mr Kam Lam, of KC enterprises from China, bought the February auctions last top lot - in total 28 prime chinchilla skins for a price of 1.030 DKK a piece.
The buyer, Mr Kam Lam, who has over 90 boutiques under the specializing in first class fur products, wants to use the skins for promotion in his 40.000 square feet store in Harbin. In time he hopes the customers will take a liking to the chinchilla, like they have done with the mink.
So far, he has been coming to the Danish auctions since 1983, and has bought the top lot four times.