First Top Lot purchase by third generation manufacturer

17 December 2012Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTop lotAuction

At Kopenhagen Fur's December auction, the White Velvet Females top lot went to Mr. Zhe Jiang of Juntai Fur Technology Co., Ltd. The purchase will be used to promote the company's 200 stores all over China.


For 1,100 DKK per mink skin, Mr. Zhe Jiang bought the White Velvet Females top lot at Kopenhagen Fur's December auction. Mr. Zhe Jiang's company, Juntai Fur Technology Co., Ltd., is Shanghai-based. However, the company has 200 stores spread out all over China's larger cities such as Beijing and Harbin, with the highest concentration in Shanghai and nearby cities and regions.

The top lot purchase will be used to promote the quality of the top fashion fur garments, which Juntai Fur Technology Co., Ltd. produce. Mr. Zhe Jiang sees a value to stand out in an industry that continues to grow.

- There is a strong demand for quality fur garments in China. With this top lot purchase, Juntai Fur Technology CO., Ltd. sends a signal of using the best quality possible, Mr. Zhe Jiang says.

The company is also called Juntai 1923 to illustrate its long story, and the number represents the year of the company's foundation. Mr. Zhe Jiang leads the company as third generation after his father and grandfather. With many years of expertise gathered in the company, Mr. Zhe Jiang has a vision of an even brighter future for Juntai Fur Technology Co., Ltd.

- I wish to expand the production and number of stores. And when I open a new store, a top lot certificate from Kopenhagen Fur underlines the high quality of the fur garments found in the store, Mr. Zhe Jiang says.