Young top lot buyer succeeded second time around

24 April 2012Auction

Emneord Top lotAuctionMink

Attending an auction only for the second time, Mr. Samson Gao purchased the top lot of Glow Velvet Males.

Mr. Samson Gao, aged 26, is second generation in Beijing Ximan International Fashion Co., Ltd, a company that both manufactures fur garments and have shops all over China. With his father, Mr. Jin Kui Gao, being a regular buyer at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions since 1999, Mr. Samson Gao is no stranger to the fur business. However, he attended his first ever auction at Kopenhagen Fur back in June 2011. At that occasion, he also tried to purchase the top lot.

- Unfortunately I missed it, but I was eager to try again this time. With this being only my second auction, I of course got excited once the bidding started, Mr. Samson Gao explains.

Succeeding to purchase the top lot, Mr. Samson Gao is very aware of the marketing value of a top lot. The plan is to put the top lot certificate on display on the company website, the company magazine and hang a copy in all of their shops.

-The top lot will make our company stronger and a bigger actor in the fur market, Mr. Samson Gao says.