Number of buyers reaches a record high at the Kopenhagen Fur April auction

19 April 2012Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTorben Nielsen

The auction room at Kopenhagen Fur will be tested to the limit when fur buyers from around the world come to Denmark. 


The demand for mink skins for the forthcoming season seems to be at a high level. More than 750 buyers will be in place to place their bids on a total of 5.097.369 mink skins that will be up for auction from April 20th through April 24th. The high number of buyers is a new record. Out of the 750 buyers, 450 are from China. The expading fur industry in China is the driving force for the rise in demand.

- Fur is now established in China where the ongoing economic growth creates new markets and expands the existing ones, CEO at Kopenhagen Fur Torben Nielsen explains.

Torben Nielsen is delighted that Kopenhagen Fur once again experiences an increasing number of buyers at the auction. The number of buyers is reaching a level where the capacity of the auctionroom is getting closer to maximum. This development requires a tremendous administrative effort when the customers have to dine and be serviced in general. Still, Torben Nielsen welcomes every single customer with open arms.

- Fortunately, we at Kopenhagen Fur have built up experience through many years and many auctions. Therefore, we have gradually adapted our auctions to the number of buyers. The many buyers are an indication, which allows us to expect the high prices from recent auctions to continue, Torben Nielsen says.