Bourtsos Bros. S.A. does it again

23 April 2012Auction

Emneord Top lotAuctionSwakara

For the tenth time Bourtsos Bros. S.A. bought the swakara top lot. The price settled at 1650 DKK (297 USD), and though the auction room was not filled with people at the time of purchase, there was still a fierce competition between the buyers to obtain the black swakara top lot.

But there is a deeper meaning behind buying the top lot for such a high price, says Tasos Bourtsos.

- We are swakara specialists, and that means we only work with the highest quality of furs, and that is why we are willing to pay the price for the top lot.

This time the high priced furs were bought with a specific customer in mind.

- The furs will be used for a female customer in Ekaterinburg in Russia, who has ordered a three piece women's collection, and is expecting the best, and that is what she is getting with the top lot.