Chinchilla top lot heading for Dubai

24 April 2012Auction

Emneord Top lotChinchillaKenneth Loberg

A sheik wants to make a chic jacket from the chinchilla top lot from Kopenhagen Fur's April auction.

The lot was bought by the two brokers/agents Bernhard Stohn and Kostas Trianzafillopoulo. They bought on behalf of the collaboration between the two companies Active S.A. from Kastoria, Greece and Planeta Mexa, Dubai. The companies got a request for a chinchilla purchase.

- The customer asked us to buy the absolutely best chinchilla skin, so we did, Kostas Trianzafillopoulo says. The Greek broker/agent has been present at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions the last 35 years.

The customer is a sheik from Dubai. According to the two brokers/agents, the skins are to be used to create a short woman's jacket.