Amazingly high price for White Velvet female top lot

24 April 2012Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTop lot

For the second time on the April auction a top lot reached a record high price. The White Velvet Female top lot was sold for an astronomical price of 1.500 DKK (265 USD), which is the highest price, a White Female skin, has ever been sold for.


The furs where bought by Tony Yu on behalf of Da Lian Tian Lun Fur Co. Ltd, and what started as a calm bidding process quickly turned into quite remarkable spectacle. Tony Yu and a couple of other buyers kept raising the price towards higher and higher figures. That caused the nonparticipant buyers to stand up in order to catch a glimpse of, what can only be described as a battle of hand gestures, which in the end  led to standing ovations when the price settled at 1.500 DKK.

When asked why he continued raising the price, Tony Yu responded with a big grin.

- Because we are stupid. No of course not. The furs where bought with the purpose of making something fantastic for the shop windows - Something that will attract the attention of passing customers.

The White Female top lot was the last top lot of the April auction, but it will be a sight to remember.