Final top lot sold to Turkish Buyer

17 September 2011Auction

Emneord Top lot

-I am not joking. I have got so used to buying the top lot that I just kept on bidding, says Coşkun Kölük, the General Manager of Tasari Kürkmod.

He bought the last top lot of the September auction, the Sapphire Cross females. He paid 690 DKK (128.40 USD) per skin.

He intends to use the skins for his company brand Gata Fur for a special collection that can be on show at various fairs.

There has been a long tradition for fur inTurkey, but the industry flourished in the last five years.

-Our company is old, but it was relatively unknown till now, says Coşkun Kölük.

This is not Coşkun Kölük's first top lot buy, and he hopes, that by buying the top lots, his company will achieve more publicity.