Buying the top lot is exciting.

17 September 2011Auction

Emneord Top lotMahogany Velvet

There was a keen competition for the top lot of Mahogany Velvet males at Kopenhagen Fur's September auction.

After some hectic bidding in the auction room Friday morning the top lot of Mahogany Velvet males was bought by Panidis Panagiotis for Ioannis Michaltses, owner of V. G. Collection for 1,120D KK (208 USD).

It is the first time the Greek broker has bought a top lot at Kopenhagen Fur, although Panidis Panagiotis has been buying skins here since he attended the Sorting and Grading Course at Kopenhagen Fur ten years ago.

And the broker enjoyed the experience.

- It was exciting to buy the top lot, not knowing whether I would get it or not. And I like the tradition of everybody applauding after the buy. That is nice, says Panidis Panagiotis.

He bought the top lot for Ioannis Michaltses who is going to use the skins for advertising purposes in his luxury store inMoscow, where he sells styles in mink, sable, lynks and other furs.

Panidis Panogiotis believes that the fur industry is going to see more of him and other Greeks in the near future.

- The Greek fur market is strong right now, and we will have more influence on the market in the future, Panidis Panagiotis says.