Fur breeders take Namibia projects to new heights

31 October 2011Politics

Emneord Kopenhagen FurKopenhagen Charity

When Kopenhagen Charity started its kindergarten project in Namibia, it supported 4 kindergartens with 180 children. Since then, Kopenhagen Charity has just strengthened the Namibian effort. Today 1,400 children are being prepared for school in 29 kindergartens in Namibia's capitol Windhoek.

Originally, the project was supported only by employees at Kopenhagen Fur. Two years ago however, fur breeders from Holland decided to donate some skins, and inspired by the Dutch, Danish breeders started donated skins too. Dutch and Danish fur breeders have donated 3,400 skins all together this season, the value of which being 74,000 USD. Adding donations from Kopenhagen Fur employees, Kopenhagen Fur and others, the annual donations exceeds 100,000 USD.

Among other things, the money provides a free meal on every weekday to all 1,400 children. The kindergarten teachers are receiving proper training and education material for the children is produced.

Please watch our video about our projects in Namibia.