The Europeans want fur garments at Mifur

7 March 2011Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Mifur

The fur fair Mifur from 6 to 9 March in Milan opened this weekend. Sales are far beyond expectation.

After the successful Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair in February, where the Asian market showed great interest in fur garments, the expectations were high ahead of MIFUR in Milan. Judging by the first opening days, Mifur is a great success as well.

Kopenhagen Fur's exhibition stand is well-attended, and the new techniques developed by Kopenhagen Studio are of great interest. Especially fur accessories like shoes and jewelleries inspire the visitors.

- We have not seen this inrush of visitors for many years. Sales of raw fur skins as well as apparel are large, Kopenhagen Fur's Managing Director Torben Nielsen says. He is in Milan to follow the market.

Fur trimmings are up front in fashion right now, and therefore the demand for long-haired skin types is great. This involves fox, raccoon and wild fur skins. The demand for mink skins is great as well, and the fashion tendencies are distinct.

- We can tell, that coats are not in demand, whereas short mink jackets made of short-haired skin types win through on a large scale, Torben Nielsen says.

Fur is not reserved for Asia and Russia only

Though the fur market is dominated by China, Russia and Korea, it is evident that the Europeans have a desire for fur garments right now.

- The conclusion is certain: fur business is doing great, and the Europeans definitely want fur garments in their wardrobes.