One of a kind Chinchilla lot on display

15 June 2011Auction

Emneord Chinchilla

At the September auction, the special one of a kind Chinchilla type "Blue Diamond" is up for sale, but already during the June auction, customers can see the rare chinchilla type.


Chinchilla closeup

 A small world premiere will take place at Kopenhagen Fur's September auction. The one of a kind Chinchilla type "Blue Diamond" will be offered for the first time ever together with the other mutations at the September auction.

 Blue Diamond is produced by Chinchilla farmer Niels Sørig, and he is the only one to breed that special type. It is made by mixing the two types African Violet and Sapphire, and the skins are a beautiful gray/blue colour.

 Because it is a new type, customers and guests at Kopenhagen Fur's June auction can have an sneak peak at the new type already now. In one of the exhibition halls the Chinchilla skins will be on display, with a sign saying "Demo Lot". Here interested customers can have a closer look at the beautiful skins.

 If you have any questions about the new chinchilla type, you are welcome to contact auctioneer Stig Reinhold.