Kopenhagen Fur entered the spotlight with gala show

18 January 2011Fashion & Lifestyle


Kopenhagen Fur made its own gala show at this year's Beijing Fur Fair. The effect was immense and so was the interest in Kopenhagen Fur's stand at the fair.

Pels Beijing

The aim was to give the audience a broad insight into the fur fashion scene in both China and Europe. According to Sales Director at Kopenhagen Fur, Mr Kenneth Loberg, it required an event hosted by Kopenhagen Fur alone.

- We wished to give our customers the widest possible exposure through an interesting and different show, Kenneth Loberg explains.

The choice fell on the theme Fur & Musicm;a combination of very beautiful folk music from Tibet, China, performed by the locally famous Snow Lotus Sisters mixed with rock music from the Danish band Polyphonics. The two musical performances complemented a fashion show with fur styles worth more than 10 million DKR.

Kopenhagen Fur had invited 400 guests on Tuesday January 11th. The attendance was so great that the doors had to be closed. Those, who came in, witnessed 5 styles from each of the 13 brands and designers that spanned from Danish Birger Christensen, the most fashionable brands in China NE TIGER, Greek Avanti Fur, GATAFUR from Turkey to SENS Elsabeli with roots in England.

- Kopenhagen Fur is the leader in its industry and keeps fur fashion in the spotlight. The presence in China is remarkable thanks to the unique cooperation with Tsinghua University and the support for Chinese fur brands, the Danish Ambassador to China, Mr Friis Arne Petersen, as he opened the gala show.

Beijing messeSeveral journalists and photographers from 35 Chinese media such as Web TV, television, fashion magazines and newspapers covered the gala show. After the show, Kenneth Loberg received positive response from everyone.

- Kopenhagen Fur has generated much applause for this initiative. It has really brought publicity and attention along, he says.

At the Beijing Fur Fair, Kopenhagen Fur conducted a series of seminars focusing on elements such as auction participation, selection and quality and also fur techniques and trends. The seminars also experienced massive participation.

- Throughout the fair, all seminars were fully booked for potential new customers for the auctions. Furthermore, we were able to meet a wide range of current customers on their home turf, which always makes a good dialogue about future expectations possible, Kenneth Loberg says.