Top lot buyer for the second time

14 February 2011Auction

Emneord AuctionTop lot

The buyer of the female top lot, Mr. Di Guofang is not a novice buyer. At the February auction he bought a top lot for the second time due to a new initiative taken by Kopenhagen Fur.

Top lot February 2011 female

- I bought the top lot because of your new attractive programme, Mr. Di Guofang says.

The Black Velvet 2 female top lot was sold at 1,170 DKK per skin. Mr Di Guofang is the establisher of Saint Vied Fur Company in China, which creates exclusive fur garments for both men and women.

In connection with the February auction, Kopenhagen Fur introduced a new marketing programme for buyers of the two top lots The programme an opportunity for the buyers of the top lots  to spend an educational day with the designers at Kopenhagen Studio in April, and to participate at the Naffem Show in Montreal presenting up to five styles.