Male top lot bought because of Danish fur history

14 February 2011Auction

Emneord Top lot

The male top lot buyer has great plans with his new buy; he will expand his company world-wide.

Top lot February 2011 male

Already on Mr. Lu Bicun's arrival at the February Auction his focus was set on the Glow Velvet male top lot for a specific reason.

- I bought the top lot because of Danish fur's great history. It is the best quality in the world, Mr. Lu Bicun said about the top lot, which he bought at 810 DKK per skin.

He is the owner of London-registered company SHELIS U.K., for which he has great intentions. including a close collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur. This is where the new marketing programme that goes with the purchase of the top lots comes into the picture.

- The new programme is very interesting for SHELIS. We are looking forward to getting new inspiration from Kopenhagen Studio. Hopefully, their and our designers can compliment each other, Mr. Lu Bicun says.