Last Top Lot went to Mr. Wu Zhe

16 December 2011Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTop lotAuction

The last top lot of the December auction was the White Velvet Females. The top lot was bought for Mr. Wu Zhe of Bai Xiong Fur Garments.

It is the first time he has bought the top lot and it's his first time in Copenhagen, too, though he has bought fur from Kopenhagen Fur for many years.

Mr. Wu Zhe has been in the fur business for 20 years. He bought the top lot to bring something special back from his first visit to Copenhagen. He especially sells retail to Russia, and with the top lot he will be able to offer something special in his shop.

The White Velvet top lot was bought at 870 DKK (152.50 USD).