Tsinghua Awards lit up China Fashion Week

27 April 2011Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Fashion showTsinghua University

During China Fashion Week, "Young Fur Designer Award" was unveiled. This award, introduced by Kopenhagen Fur with the collaboration of Tsinghua University, exclusively aims to encourage, inspire and support up-and-coming designers as they develop and explore fur as a material.


Ms Zhang Xuan and Mr Wang Nan from Tsinghua University won the prizes this year, and they will be sponsored by Kopenhagen Fur to visit and study at Kopenhagen Studio in June. Besides, Tsinghua-Kopenhagen Fur Outstanding Student Scholarship was presented to four students, each receiving 5,000 yuan. All six students and their 16 classmates have participated in fur technique and design courses by Kopenhagen Fur.

The award ceremony was part of the graduation fashion show by the Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University and two design schools from South Korea and Sweden. The show's theme this year is "Opening" which indicates the spark of genius when various ideas were born and joyful opening dressed up by melting different culture. Young talents' design idea was showcased through each style, especially the vintage 22 fur styles, worked in conjunction with Kopenhagen Studio, caused a sensation when they appeared on stage. The designer's natural artistry and rational thinking has thoroughly shown by the creative mix of fur and fabric and dedicated making of craftsmanship and colour.   

Michael Holm, Design- and Production Manager at Kopenhagen Fur presented the prizes together with Mr. Chen Weixian, area manager of Kopenhagen Fur. Mr. Holm said:

- I'm delighted to see the courage and humour through the works of two winners, see you at Copenhagen!

Tsinghua-Kopenhagen Fur Studio was formally inaugurated in January 2007 together with the leading Chinese University, Tsinghua University. Students trained here are given the opportunity to work closely with fur, acquiring the special skills and expertise which fur entails. So far, Tsinghua Kopenhagen Studio graduates win numerous fashion awards for creativity and are often hired by leading fashion brands due to the creative skills they've developed in their intense study of fur. 

Tsinghua blue Tsinghua black white Tsinghua green
Design by Wang Nan Design by Xie Yi Design by Zhang Xuan