Top lot buyer: It was a dream come true

11 April 2011Auction

Emneord Top lot

Lily Wang the owner of the company Glory bought the White Velvet top lot on the Kopenhagen Fur April auction for 660 DKK pr skin (128 USD). 


Mink toplot white april 2011

Even though it is only Lily Wang's second auction, she had a dream of buying the top lot this time.

- I was here at the last auction, and a friend of mine bought the top lot, and explained the meaning of the top lot to me. And ever since I have dreamt of buying the top lot my self, so you can say it is a dream come true, Lily Wang says.

She has had her company in nine years, and she has often used fox and rex rabbit but she has only recently begun to use mink. For that she has created a special brand called Hawila witch she is promoting in both China and Italy.

The reason she started the company, was the reaction she got, when she made a couple of styles in mink.

- We made two styles in mink, and the reaction was so great, that we decided to start a mink brand, and that became Hawila.

Even though she is very happy that she bought the White top lot, the type is not her favourite mink type.

- My favourite is Palomino, she says laughingly, and continues:

- But we are going to make one very beautiful garment out of my top lot, and I am very happy with that.