Top lot buyer honours relationship with Kopenhagen Fur

12 April 2011Auction

Emneord Top lotAuction

It was not the first time that Anne Sun bought skins at Kopenhagn Fur. But it was the first time that she bought the top lot at Kopenhagen Fur, and she was very happy with her purchase of The Glow Velvet male top lot.


glow toplot april 2011

- I have been buying at Kopenhagen Fur auctions for 11 years, so I felt that it was time to buy the top lot, Anne Sun says.

She has bought the top lot at auctions in other auction houses but never at a Kopenhagen Fur auction.

Anne Sun, who is the owner of the company Beijing Witty Fur LTD, which also holds the Brand Sens Elsabeli, bought the top lot for more than one reason.

- First and foremost I wanted the good quality skins to make a beautiful garment for my high end fur brand Sens Elsabeli, but I also bought the top lot to honour the really good relationship I feel my company has with Kopenhagen Fur, and to show my respect for all the employees at Kopenhagen Furs Beijing office and Mr. Torben Nielsen, Anne Sun says.

She has been in the fur industry for more than 26 years, and she has always liked to use mink skins.

- Mink is such good quality skins, so soft to touch and nice to wear. I like it and my important customers like it too, so I love to use it, Anne Sun says.

Anne Sun and her broker Timothy Everest bought the top lot for 800 DKK (155 USD).